15 February

Kick the Habit - Campaign that GamCare and YGAM will take together

The government has already committed to updating UK's gambling laws

The campaign comes in response to mounting concern over the impact of online gambling and sports betting in the UK. 

Anyone working in this sphere is trying to improve problem gambling and help those who are suffering from these problems.  CUCT is also known as Cambridge United Community Trust is the charitable branch of Cambridge United Football Club. 

By working with the club and through its brand, the Trust is able to deliver projects that help the local community. The Trust is particularly keen to boost education, wellbeing, and inclusion through the medium of sports.

Cambridge United Community is doing it all - interviews, podcasts, and articles discussing the issues around problem gambling. 

These will be promoted via CUCT’s social media channels, ensuring a broad audience for the project.

John Taylor, the campaign's leading ambassador, is glad that the campaign is educating football fans and the wider local community about harmful gambling. He thinks that admitting problems is the hardest part. The next step is recovery, and that can include talking to someone about addiction. 

There are many helpful resources, one is GamCare - there you can find 24/7 National Gambling Helpline 

Young Gamers and Gamblers Education Trust has also joined forces with GamCare and CUCT for this campaign. It will be taking on the prevention aspect of the project, building on its experience as a charity that works to build digital resilience in young and vulnerable people.

YGAM will work for educational sessions in schools.  

Many games include these mystery treasure chests, which players can purchase to try to win in-game weapons, characters, and skins.

In January, it was revealed that both YGAM and GamCare have gone above and beyond their targets for the Young People’s Gambling Harm Prevention Program. With the support of the Betting and Gaming Council, the initiative has created a significant boost for educational and support services for young people all over the UK. According to YGAM, it trained 2,906 practitioners last year, exceeding its aim of 2,592. These practitioners were then able to offer their services to 184,700 young people, 14,400 above their first target.

GamCare’s training targets were also exceeded by 3,000. The charity trained 4,185 professionals and offered workshops to 3,947 young people. GamCare now offers a support service for young people at all hours, with tailored advice and information. During the COVID-19 pandemic, many campaigners have raised concerns over the wellbeing of people who are vulnerable to gambling harm. 


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